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CGP’s Rohingya Legal Forum publishes first paper on Rohingya genocide


The Center for Global Policy (CGP) has published “The International Court of Justice and the Duty to Prevent and Punish the Rohingya Genocide,” the first paper written by the founding members of the Rohingya Legal Forum, to determine the best courses of action to address the genocide of the Rohingya.

The events of August 2017 in northern Rakhine State, Myanmar, forced three quarters of a million Rohingya to flee their homes to Bangladesh and elsewhere – joining hundreds of thousands of other Rohingya who had fled before them. Nothing has occurred in the past two years to reverse the situation. In fact, reports backed by abundant evidence indicate that the situation has worsened inside Myanmar amid denials of fact and responsibility and the rejection of international cooperation on the part of the Government of Myanmar.

In this paper, the authors lay out the importance of the judicial path going forward. This comes after The Gambia’s recent announcement of its intention to file an application at the International Court of Justice against Myanmar for violations of the Genocide Convention. The authors support this initiative and believe it merits the close attention and, in principle, broadest support of the international community.

Founding members of the Rohingya Legal Forum include Prof. David Scheffer, first U.S. Ambassador at Large for War Crimes; Sareta Ashraph, a former chief legal analyst on the U.N. Commission of Inquiry on Syria; Prof. Allan Rock, former attorney general of Canada and ambassador to the United Nations; and Djaouida Siaci, international lawyer and vice president of the Rohingya Support Group.  The group is being chaired by CGP Director Dr. Azeem Ibrahim and convened by Prof. John Packer.

For more information on the paper or on the Rohingya Legal Forum, contact azeem@cgpolicy.org or visit cgpolicy.org.